You should feel empowered at work.

It’s gotten so bad that you *dread* going to work each day. 

You’ve become all too familiar with your coworker or supervisor giving you unwanted massages or back rubs. Telling you things like “your butt looks amazing in that dress” or “you look gorgeous today.” 

You’re frustrated and disgusted by all the tit-for-tat: Your boss offering you that promotion or raise in exchange for a date or sexual favor. 

You’re sick and tired of overhearing lewd conversations and sexual jokes exchanged between colleagues. Conversations that are clearly NOT meant for the workplace.

As if that’s not enough, HR doesn’t take anything you say seriously. They downplay the situation and brush the whole thing off as if it’s nothing. 

It’s NOT nothing. But you start to doubt your gut feeling: Am I imagining things? Am I overreacting here?

You deserve to work somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable

Where success doesn’t depend on putting up with vulgar comments or ANY sort of touching.
Where your supervisor and colleagues praise you on your abilities and skills--not your looks. 
Somewhere you feel acknowledged, valued and respected. 

Get the compensation you deserve

“If you are looking for someone to really help you with your case, you are at the right place. Anna Yum is the best at what she does. Anna helped me with my harassment case and were there for me in every step in the toughest time of my life. Not only she won my case, but gave my pride and confidence back. Working with her is pleasant and she takes her time to explain everything. She always makes herself available through email and phone call and is on top of her game.

Anna works with the best team and everyone at her office is respectful and professional. I was in contact with Elizabeth and Liana and both of them are friendly, professional and efficient.

Anna Yum is the best at what she is doing and I am thankful for her and her team for helping me out and to go above and beyond my expectation. Thank you Anna! I appreciate you!”   A.E.

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Here’s the thing: 
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Stand up against sexual harassment at work --

Hi, I’m Anna Yum. Former sexual assault and sex crimes prosecutor. And nationally recognized attorney.

US News & World Report called me one of the “Best Lawyers.” Avvo (the online marketplace for legal services) awarded me a 10/10 rating. And the National Association of Distinguished Counsel named me one of the Nation’s Top 1% of Attorneys.

My team and I have settled three sexual harassment cases this year alone, each for over a million dollars. And I would *love* to do the same for you.

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without putting your job (or your salary) on the line

We take legal action against sexual harassment. So justice is served and you walk away with the compensation you deserve

But due to sexual harassment, you feel belittled. Small. Disrespected.

You’re NOT overreacting. And you are not a “drama queen” (no matter what HR or anyone else tells you). 

You have every right to feel the way that you do.

You aren’t alone in this. If I take on your case, I will fight for you and support you every step of the way

Together, we will stop the sexual harassment (without putting your job on the line). And we’ll get you the payout you deserve.

You might be thinking…

I can’t afford to get fired or demoted.

But guess what? It’s illegal for your employer to retaliate against you in any way (fire you, demote you, lower your wage, pass you up for a promotion, give you a poor performance review...). If they do, they will most likely have to pay you *more* money in the end.

My boss is the one harassing me...I’m sure everybody would side with him over me...

Your employer has a legal obligation to investigate sexual harassment once they become aware of it. If they don’t (or they brush it off as nothing), that’ll likely be more money in your pocket.

What if I get blacklisted from employment? Who would want to hire the woman that filed a lawsuit against her former employer...?

You don’t have to share all the details of why you left your job. And we’ll do everything in our power to get you a hefty settlement. So that you have the financial freedom to choose the job you want.

You want to speak up and put all of this behind you... 

but you feel trapped

You don’t pay a dime. Until we win.

We take cases on a contingency basis. So we don’t get paid unless YOU do. That’s why we only accept cases that we are confident we will win--and will get you the settlement you deserve

So you walk away feeling empowered. And in control. Because you’re no longer dependent on your employer for a paycheck.

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The process is super simple--and can be done virtually

Here’s how it works:

  1. We go over the retainer agreement together 

  1. You work with our team to gather evidence to help prove your case

  1. We guide you through the entire process so that you are never alone

That’s it! We won’t take up much of your time.

Great question! The answer is likely to be “yes” if you’ve experienced one of the following:

Quid pro quo (something for something) 

When an employer offers you something in exchange for sexual favors or dates.

Hostile work environment

Which will depend on the nature, frequency and context of the behavior. The behavior must be to the point that it has “unreasonably interfered” with your work or made your job “more difficult.”

Some examples of sexual harassment might be: 

→ Sexual, lewd or vulgar comments or jokes (in person or electronically)
→ Unwanted, inappropriate touching, groping or contact
→ Invasion of personal space or blocking movements
→ Staring in a sexual way
→ Requests for dates or sexual favors
→ Posting or circulating sexual images at work
→ Emailing or watching porn at work

You should be documenting the behavior, gathering evidence, and reporting the incident(s) to HR or your colleagues, as this will help you form a solid case.

“ I have a case?”

You can also call us directly at (619) 233-4433 
All calls and case evaluations are free and 100% confidential.

Find out if you’ve got a good shot at winning

  1. We go over the retainer agreement together 

  2. We go over the retainer agreement together

  3. You (may) do a deposition