Are You Being Sexually Harassed At Work?

If you’re a female that works in the typical “boys’ club” environment, does any of the following ring a bell?

Inappropriate Comments— These include sexually charged compliments regarding your appearance that are unprofessional, demeaning, or just flat-out inappropriate. 

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment—Bosses or supervisors offering you benefits, promotions, or other gratuities in exchange for dates or sexual favors.

Hostile Work Environment—Inappropriate conversations, materials, or blatantly sexual and/or inappropriate discussions that contribute to a general air of unprofessionalism, harassment, and intimidation in the workplace.

Any of that sound familiar? Then keep reading below . . .

If so—first and foremost—you deserve better. No woman should dread going to work knowing she may be the subject of sexual harassment. Too often, the saying, “Boys will be boys,” justifies and enables these kinds of inappropriate behaviors at work, whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or mom-and-pop small business.

If you’re like most women, it may seem intimidating, daunting, and downright confusing to determine the best course of action when faced with inappropriate behavior in the workplace, particularly if it's directed by those in positions of authority.

You may be reading this and concede, “Well, I need this job. There’s nothing I can do about sexual harassment in the workplace. This is just part of working in a male-dominated environment.”

Or you may be saying this, “My boss is the one harassing me. I don’t have anyone else to report to, and even if I did, they would just side with him over me.”

Ultimately, you may be thinking the following: “There’s nothing I can do about this, right?”

Not trueYou have a lot of options! 
Not only can you make the harassment stop, but you can protect your career and potentially get compensated for the unacceptable behavior that you were forced to deal with.

“But how?”

It’s simple—follow these three steps:

1.  Document Everything
Whenever the harassment occurs, make some notes of times, dates, people, and actions. The better the picture you can paint, the better your case for proving your harassment will be. 

2.  Seek Support
Build a network of coworkers, friends, or family, with whom you can share your situation. This ensures that you can find others that may corroborate your story. The more parties you can recruit to be mindful of your harassment, the more allies you have to help corroborate your side of the story. 

3.  Contact a Sexual Harassment Attorney
This is the most important step. Legally there is a lot on the table for you to not only make the harassment stop, but also, to get any compensation you may legally deserve.

But don’t call any attorney. You need an attorney with years of experience representing clients in sexual harassment claims and achieving positive outcomes.

An attorney like Anna R. Yum.

Make the Harassment Stop 

I’m scared to report harassment because I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. Should I report it?
The simple answer is, yes. Your job should not be contingent upon suffering through harassment of any kind. However, it's important to consult with an attorney before filing your report.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mariana Garcia
I am so grateful to Anna Yum for representing me. Anna is a great attorney that listens and respects her clients needs. As an individual who had never been in a legal situation I felt heard and supported throughout the process.  I couldn't have asked for better representation and will  forever be thankful for her dedication to defending my rights. I would without a doubt recommend Anna Yum. 

Sambath Ye
Anna represented my daughter in a legal matter and Anna did exactly what she said she would do. She wants the best for her client and is determined to get the best outcome of the situation. Anna and her staff are professional and are there to answer questions at any given time.






I reported sexual harassment, and now my employer is cutting my hours and demoting me. Is this retaliation?
Once you report a sexual harassment complaint, corrective actions usually include an investigation into all parties involved, not the alleged victim being punished with demotions or fewer hours. If that is the case, this is considered a form of retaliation and the employer could be held liable for any damages.
Is it still considered sexual harassment if my co-worker is harassing me and not my supervisor?
Yes, harassment of any kind regardless of who it’s coming from is still harassment. You should follow your employers' policy when it comes to such incidences. Report it to your supervisor and/or the HR department as soon as possible. Your employer is supposed to immediately investigate such complaints, taking the adequate steps necessary to rectify it. If for some reason, you follow the procedure and nothing is done, or there is not a prompt follow-up, your employer could be held liable.
We make the sexual harassment stop. 
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